Set up your own ELN

To set up an electronic lab notebook (ELN) for your team, there are several options:

  • Run an ELN instance on a local server. You can set up Chemotion chemotion logo, NFDI4Chem’s favorite ELN, on a server at your data center or your institute. This will allow your team to work completely independently: you can adapt the ELN to your needs, add device connections according to your requirements and manage users by yourself. For easy setup of your local instance, you may use a Docker container. Alternatively, setting it up from scratch gives you full flexibility. Find a detailed technical description here.
  • Use an ELN instance hosted in the cloud. “ELN as a serviceprovides a convenient way of testing its functionality first. This option is also interesting for smaller teams who are concerned about the effort involved in setting up an ELN on a local server. NFDI4Chem is in the process of setting up Chemotion and some other open source solutions as “ELN as a service”. To learn more about when this will be available, please get in touch.

Contact Us

You can contact us at any step of the process:

  • whether you want to know more about ELNs, need a demonstration of an ELN, a test installation of an ELN or are simply thinking about one.
  • if you want to install an ELN, need help with IT issues etc.
  • want additional features in a running instance etc.

Just send an email to with your questions or requests.