Workshops – an Overview

We offer different workshops and Q&A session on the topics of research data management as well as the electronic lab notebook Chemotion ELN. Here we present a short overview, so you can pick the right one for you:

Workshop – FAIR Research Data Management: Basics for Chemists

This workshop is for institutions, SFBs, TRs, GRKs, working groups or other groups of researchers and will be specially hold on request. The workshop takes two days, can behold on-site or online, and includes input from your local research data management (RDM) team. It will include all basics of RDM that you need to know.

Workshop – Chemical Research Data Management in a Nutshell

This workshop has two parts, an online learn platform (moodle) and a one-day workshop.It will be held every second month online. In this workshop, you learn all important points of research data management in chemistry by examples. Everybody can register for the workshop, specially for single persons or only small groups. 

Workshop – Chemotion ELN: Hands-On Workshop

This workshop is for everybody who wants to try Chemotion ELN or needs a hot start with the electronic lab notebook. Here you learn all functions of the Chemotion ELN with the “learn by doing” approach. No installation needed.

Q&A – Chemotion ELN Q&A Session

You are already working with Chemotion ELN but have some question about functionalities or need some help? No problem, in this Q&A Session expert users of the ELN will answer you all your questions.