Cross-consortium activities in the NFDI e. V.

NFDI4Chem is one of 26 expert consortia in NFDI e.V., an overarching association founded by the federal and state governments in 2020. The cooperation of the individual consortia on interdisciplinary topics takes place on different levels in sections, task forces and circles, which have been set up by the NFDI e.V. In addition to countless bilateral and multilateral collaborations with other consortia, NFDI4Chem is involved in the following cross-disciplinary activities of the NFDI e.V. (representatives of NFDI4Chem with special positions are mentioned by name):

Consortium meeting (Spokesperson 07/21 to 04/22: Christoph Steinbeck)

  • Working group on target group and needs analysis (co-organiser: Sonja Herres-Pawlis)
  • Working Group Inventory Materials (Co-Organiser: Sonja Herres-Pawlis)
  • Working group Development of common, multidimensional teaching materials and establishment of a knowledge base, quality assurance and evaluation (see DALIA) (Co-organiser: Johannes Liermann)
  • Networking and Outreach Working Group (Co-Organiser: Sonja Herres-Pawlis)
  • Working Group on Dealing with Errors in Science (Organiser: John Joliffe)
  • Working Group Ontology Harmonisation and Mapping (Organiser: Philip Strömert)

Sektion Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects (Spokesperson: Franziska Böhm)

  • Working Group Data Management Planning (Co-Organiser: Daniela Hausen)
  • Working Group Electronic Lab Books (Co-Organisers: Nicole Jung, Felix Bach)

Evaluation and Reporting Task Force: the Task Force supports the Directorate and Consortia on issues related to reporting; to date, it has authored a white paper on interim reporting, a white paper on addressing federal-state agreement goals, and documentation of collaborations within the NFDI.

Management Circle, Communication Circle, Finance Circle: a format for exchange on and coordination of activities on the respective topics mentioned.