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Thumbnail Group Foto Consortium Meeting 4.0 Nov 2023 in Jena - NFDI4Chem Consortium Meeting and Digital Summit - 2 important events took place in Jena in November Continue reading
Open-Access-Symbols - NFDI4Chem Colors of open access publications - Open Access comes with different models. You should know their colour codes. Continue reading
Integration of Research Data Management into Chemistry Studies - Teaching RDM to students early on in their studies is key for a sustainable RDM integration in academia. Continue reading
NFDI4Chem poster & team at IDW in Salzburg. International Data Week 2023 in Salzburg: A Festival of Data - In October IDW 2023 took place in Salzburg. Researchers from all over the world met to discuss and celebrate data. Continue reading
Thumbnail of Cover of RDM-Flyer "A Hitchhiker's Guide to Research Data in Chemistry." - NFDI4Chem Research Data Management – Flyer out now! - This flyer is made for all chemists who are not yet well versed in RDM but want to be. Simple - fast - with examples from practice. Continue reading
Workshop Report: Python Computing 4 Chemists - September 18 to September 20, interested people from all over Europe gathered at RWTH Aachen University to participate in a Python computing workshop specifically designed for chemists and adjacent disciplines. Continue reading
NFDI4Chem @ ACS FAll 2023 - We are pleased to share our participation in the ACS Fall held in San Francisco. Continue reading
NFDI4Chem Converter Service – Submit Your Analytical Data! - Contributors wanted: To test and improve the NFDI4Chem Converter Service, we need test sets. Continue reading
Did you know? Hard disks have a maximum warranty of 5 years. But the DFG requires 10 years for data storage. Do the math. - NFDI4Chem Five years of just hoping? - Hard disks have a maximum warranty of 5 years. But the DFG requires 10 years for data storage: Now do the math. Continue reading
Preview Screenshot Another ELN made available for testing - The website provides a collection of test versions of various electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs). Continue reading