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Did you know? Hard disks have a maximum warranty of 5 years. But the DFG requires 10 years for data storage. Do the math. - NFDI4Chem Five years of just hoping? - Hard disks have a maximum warranty of 5 years. But the DFG requires 10 years for data storage: Now do the math. Continue reading
Preview Screenshot Another ELN made available for testing - The website provides a collection of test versions of various electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs). Continue reading
This is no Data - Many think they have shared their data with graphs. But they havn't. Continue reading
BAM joins NFDI4Chem - We are very happy to welcome the BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing) as new participating institution in the NFDI4Chem consortium. Continue reading
NFDI4Chem @ RDA Plenary 20 - More than 700 participants enjoyed 53 sessions and several co-located events at the RDA 20th plenary. Continue reading
RDM-Workshop in Stuttgart – soon at your institute? - Did you know that you can book a free in-house workshop on research data management at NFDI4Chem, e.g. for two days? Our last RDM-Workshop took place in mid-June in Stuttgart,… Continue reading
NFDI4Chem at ACS Spring and Fall - Talks, Workshops and Networking in Indianapolis and San Francisco. Earlier this year, NFDI4Chem attended the American Chemical Society (ACS) Spring Meeting in Indianapolis (March 26-30). It was great to see… Continue reading
Author Guideline Landscape - The survey shows that publishers and journals are starting to include aspects of research data sharing in their guidelines. Continue reading
Relaunch of NFDI4Chem Knowledge Base - The NFDI4Chem Knowledge Base has been restructured and presents a bunch of new features. Continue reading
InChI Workshop on Inorganic Stereochemistry - RWTH Aachen, May 10 and 11, 2023 Organised by Sonja Herres-Pawlis (RWTH Aachen, Germany) and Gerd Blanke (InChI Trust) For the next release the developers of InChI are working on… Continue reading