Vibrational Spectroscopy Ontology Working Group

Call for participation

Until now the focus of NFDI4Chem and Ontologies4Chem was mainly contributing to existing ontologies, improving the quality and extending their scope. Our latest activities included the Ontologies4Chem Workshop.
Together with domain experts from chemistry we recently have identified the need for an ontology to describe Vibrational Spectroscopy and related devices, methods and data.
The Vibrational Spectroscopy Ontology (VIBSO) is our first joint project conducted by domain experts from Analytical Chemistry and ontology experts.

VIBSO is a community effort. We plan open, regular meetings of the development team to work on and discuss about VIBSO. These meetings will be open to anyone interested.

You are working in the field of Vibrational Spectroscopy and are interested in enhancing the way you handle your data?

Join our first public call on VIBSO 13th December 2022, 2 pm CET.

Agenda: Vibrational Spectroscopy Ontology (VIBSO) development call | Rolling Agenda

Further reading: VIBSO documentation