Collection of repositories for chemists

“NFDI4Chem and FAIRsharing: unlocking our curated collection of repositories for maximum visibility in the realm of chemistry.” 

Within the NFDI4Chem consortium, Task Area 3 (Repositories) plays a key role in establishing a robust foundation for the virtual federation by carefully identifying chemistry repositories that meet stringent criteria.

The identified repositories, while not universally meeting all criteria, either host data relevant to the chemistry community or express a commitment by the repository managers to achieve a FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) state of the art repository, thereby filling any existing gaps.

The recent integration of a curated collection of these identified repositories into FAIRsharing is an important milestone. FAIRsharing is a curated, informative and educational resource on data and metadata standards, inter-related to databases and data policies, across all disciplines. It serves as a comprehensive platform that brings together in-house curators, Community Champions and resource maintainers to describe the landscape of research standards, databases and data policies. This integration provides the scientific community with an connected and accessible view of these critical resource types.

Christian Bonatto Minella, a member of Task Area 3, has been selected to participate in the FAIRsharing Community Champions programme. In this role, Christian oversees the ongoing curation of the NFDI4Chem collection within FAIRsharing. This innovative programme empowers experts to manage specific areas within the FAIRsharing registry, but also fosters a collaborative environment that improves the overall quality of the curated information.

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Participation in the FAIRsharing Community Champions programme goes beyond mere recognition for resource contributors. It significantly increases the visibility of their work beyond the immediate domain and reduces the risk of unnecessary duplication and proliferation of standards and databases. Contributors who register their resources on FAIRsharing not only receive due credit, but also help to reduce redundancy and foster better collaboration across different domains.

The NFDI4Chem collection within FAIRsharing not only serves as an international showcase, but also ensures that researchers can derive maximum value from these resources. This collaborative effort streamlines research efforts and effectively addresses the challenges associated with research data management, reinforcing FAIRsharing’s role in fostering global scientific collaboration and innovation.

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