Data pledge: Let’s lead-by-example!

NFDI4Chem has a clear vision of how chemistry research data will be collected, processed, archived, shared and published. Before our NFDI4Chem’s infrastructure and tools are released, we would like to showcase your chemistry research data to demonstrate what is already possible with the infrastructure and tools available today. 

Please feel invited to pledge your dataset via an email to We will provide support via a consulting service or more intense data stewardship to assist in publishing your research data! We will approach you for the details and to see where we can help with the preparation. A suitable repository will also be suggested.

You are also welcome to pledge unpublished work, as this adds the opportunity to reference your dataset via DOI in the data availability statement of your manuscript. We guarantee to keep unpublished work as highly confidential, with the number of people given access being limited and carefully regulated. 

Published publication-dataset-pairs will be highlighted in the NFDI4Chem Knowledge Base to showcase your chemistry research data!

See also this recording from the Stammtisch event series on pragmatic research data management in Chemistry:

NFDI4Chem Stammtisch: Lead-by-example. Pragmatic RDM in Chemistry (25/03/2022)