ELN open for Non-Chemists

Chemotion: Updates and a Milestone

Chemotion Repository Updates

The Chemotion Repository has undergone continuous improvement in recent months, introducing new features and implementing bug fixes. These enhancements comprise support for the JSON-LD format for metadata, an expanding collection of application templates in the LabIMotion Template Hub, and additional features in the review and publishing processes. The Data Converter has also been refined to simplify the conversion of inbox data, accompanied by various improvements to streamline data processing tasks.

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For more detailed information, please visit the Chemotion Repository Newsroom. We sincerely appreciate your valuable suggestions and feedback, which contribute to the ongoing enhancement of the repository. Thank you for your continued support.

LabIMotion ELN: Customized functionalities for scientists

Milestone for non-chemists now officially launched

LabIMotion ELN systematically extends the Chemotion ELN software in terms of functions and available modules. The extension makes it possible to use the ELN software either with or without chemistry functionality.

Until now, the functions of Chemotion ELN were specifically tailored to chemistry. In recent years, the need for ELN software in other disciplines has been expressed at KIT, particularly in engineering, natural and material sciences. The LabIMotion ELN project was launched to provide solutions for scientists in these disciplines. The development team at IBCS has generically extended Chemotion ELN so that it can now be used by other disciplines.

The most important change that comes with the introduction of LabIMotion ELN is the possibility to design new modules that can be customized to the needs of the scientists. The modules can be linked together, allowing clear assignment of materials and samples to processes and workflows.

Using a template hub, templates can be easily exchanged between different applications and synchronized effortlessly.

In addition, LabIMotion ELN supports scientists in accessing Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) and streamlines the process of online research publication. This support simplifies the process of publishing research results and ensures that scientists from different disciplines can efficiently share their research results with the world.

Visit LabIMotion documentation to explore the design principles and discover how LabIMotion can benefit you.