Funding of the “Scientific Data Centre for Molecular Materials Research (MoMaF)”

Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg (MWK) is funding the “Science Data Centre for Molecular Materials Research (MoMaF)”.
The Science Data Center MoMaF develops digitisation modules for scientific data – from acquisition and processing to public archiving. Three project partners of the NFDI4Chem consortium, the Institute of Organic Chemistry at KIT (Chemotion-ELN and Chemotion-Repositorium), the Steinbuch Center for Computing (SCC) and the FIZ Karlsruhe (Leibniz Institute for Information Infrastructure) are key components of the new Science Data Centre. The new science-driven data centre is of outstanding importance for Baden-Württemberg as a research location and forms the groundwork for a national research data infrastructure. The Science Data Centre is operated centrally at and by KIT, with Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences as a further partner.

Link to the KIT press release: