NFDI4Chem article published in the “Bunsen-Magazin”

Overview of the First Project Phase

The article, published in German, appeared in the 2/2021 issue of the Bunsen-Magazin and gives an overview of NFDI4Chem’s main tasks in the first project phase. It summarizes the work on digitization and research data management of the five technical task areas of NFDI4Chem: 1) The smart-lab as a concept for digitization of the experimental work environment; 2) Repositories as a key infrastructure for the linkage of research data; 3) Development of (meta)data and minimal information standards for the enhancement of the interoperability of existing infrastructures; 4) Strategies for the involvement of the chemical community into the process of NFDI4Chem; 5) Joint development of cross-cutting topics in the national and international context. Interested? Read the full text of the open-access publication in the Bunsen-Magazin.