NFDI4Chem statement on Cross-Cutting Topics

The NFDI offers the opportunity to establish a science-driven, open, and high-quality national research data infrastructure. In August 2019, members of 11 consortia met to discuss common challenges posed by envisioned interoperability and data sharing across disciplines. As an important structural element for sustainable functionality of the NFDI, Cross-Cutting  Topics and their joint elaboration have been identified. As a first result 21 consortia agreed on a common list of cross-cutting topics, published in the Berlin declaration.

Since then, a number of initiatives have developed which address central issues of infrastructure development and in this way aim to support the discipline-oriented consortia in setting up the NFDI.

In February 2020, members of 14 consortia and 7 cross-cutting initiatives therefore met to discuss opportunities and challenges for a joint development of a national research data infrastructure.

NFDI4Chem welcomes and supports collaborative development of the Cross-Cutting Topics. We have therefore decided in agreement with the DFG to publish the chapter „The Consortium within the NFDI“ on the Cross-Cutting Topics describing our ideas and approach from the NFDI4Chem proposal as a contribution to an open and joint discussion of Cross-Cutting Topics. We hope that other consortia will follow suit and that we can jointly push forward the development of this important structural element of the NFDI.

You can download the PDF from our Downloads page.