Reaching out!

NFDI4Chem has been busy in the latter half of the year visiting many events such as conferences. Here, important connections for NFDI4Chem with key organisations were established.

Most importantly, it enabled us to reach out and connect with the academic community to provide information on NFDI4Chem, its offers and services as well as listening to the requirements and suggestions of the researchers. For many this was the first contact with NFDI4Chem. Following the plethora of conferences visited in September, we received multiple requests for introductory talks on NFDI4Chem and we have been giving these steadily since! In this 45 minute talk, we give an introduction on the NFDI and NFDI4Chem, why RDM is important and the free tools, services and training opportunities NFDI4Chem offers that researchers can benefit today to supplement their research data management. We always like to leave a little more room for questions as this is a complex issue commonly associated with many misunderstandings and reservations. Are you interested in NFDI4Chem giving an introductory talk at your institution? Contact to book a talk.