“Stammtisch” on the Electronic Laboratory Notebook and Repository “Chemotion” (Throwback)

The Place for Discussions Around Chemotion and more

In January, our monthly “Stammtisch” on the electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) and repository Chemotion opened with a brief summary of the NFDI4Chem project by Prof. Christoph Steinbeck. Afterwards, Dr. Patrick Hodapp presented the main functions of the ELN Chemotion. In the subsequent gatherings in February and March, Dr. Nicole Jung gave an overview of the Chemotion repository and Dr. Johannes Liermann introduced ontologies, respectively. Recordings of their presentations are available on the NFDI4Chem YouTube channel. Importantly, however, these presentations serve as an introduction for the main, unrecorded part of the “Stammtisch”: an open and wide discussion, in which comments and suggestions for enhancements around Chemotion or RDM in the field of chemistry, in general, are most welcome. These will help NFDI4Chem to improve its services and to best serve the needs of the chemical community. The next “Stammtisch” is scheduled for April 30th. Sign up now and help us improve Chemotion!

Enjoy watching our last presentations on YouTube:

01/29/21: Overview of NFDI4Chem (Prof. Christoph Steinbeck); Introduction to the ELN of Chemotion (Dr. Patrick Hodapp)

02/26/21: Introduction to the repository of Chemotion (Dr. Nicole Jung)

03/26/21: Introduction to ontologies (Dr. Johannes Liermann)

Please be aware that the main part of the Stammtisch is the discussion which is not recorded!

Coming soon:

  • Representations of inorganic structures with InChI, SMILES, …
  • Overview of the Repository NMRshiftDB

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