Ulm University joins NFDI4Chem 

Since the beginning of June, Ulm University has been an official participating institution (according to BLV) of NFDI4Chem. The participating institutions now extend the community commitment to the important field of electrochemistry, which was previously underrepresented in NFDI4Chem. 

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The Faculty of Natural Sciences at Ulm University is currently implementing interdisciplinary solutions for research data management. As PI and data steward of the SFB-CRC1316, Albert Engstfeld co-developed a generic approach to storing data according to the FAIR principles, together with partners from the open-source community echemdb.org. In this context, the researchers at Ulm University have demonstrated how a database can be created for electrochemical and -catalytic systems relevant in fundamental studies on energy conversion and storage. 

The decision to join NFDI4Chem is not only a commitment for Ulm University, but is a strategic step that will significantly improve the interdisciplinary approach within the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Ulm University. With its contributions to the task areas TA2 (Smart Laboratory), TA3 (Repositories), TA4 (Standards), TA5 (Community and Training) and TA6 (Synergies), Ulm University intends to make a significant contribution. 

We warmly welcome the new member and its representative scientists and look forward to the joint work ahead of us.