Updates on Chemotion Repository

In this version, we’ve enhanced the data transfer process for greater efficiency and reliability, along with several other updates and improvements.

Data Transfer

Streaming data transfer from Chemotion ELN to Chemotion Repository!

The data transfer from Chemotion ELN to Chemotion Repository has been refactored to accommodate large amounts of reactions, samples, and other elements for a more reliable transfer process. You will receive the 1st message with a JobID in Chemotion ELN once the data has been packed and sent to the Chemotion Repository. Once Chemotion Repository has received it, you will then receive the 2nd message with the same JobID in Chemotion Repository. As the import process is a background process in Chemotion Repository, you will receive the 3rd message with the same JobID as soon as the data processing is complete.

From the Chemotion Repository, you can link back to the original data in ELN by clicking on a button. The system will redirect you to the ELN and directly to the original data.

For more information, please visit our document on Transfer data from Chemotion ELN.

A visual video demonstrating this process is also available. You can watch it here.


We introduced the Embargo Overview this time. This function enables scientists to review their submission status and provides an overview for the reviewers.

Screenshot of the embargo view. User gets detailed information about pending, reviewed and accepted status.

Visit Embargo Topic to know more about our embargo function.

Review Label

A new type of label, Review, is now available in the Chemotion Repository. Review labels are for use by reviewers. This label is designed to mark submissions that need to be highlighted for reviewers, ensuring that critical items are easily identifiable. To learn more about labeling, click here.

Staying informed

Stay connected with us and join our GitHub community to explore more updates, contribute your ideas, and be part of the future of Chemotion. Together, we can continue to innovate and streamline scientific research.

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