Saving time with ELN and Repositories

Three use-case stories help to understand

Some chemists think that using an ELN and a repository only costs them time. It couldn’t be more opposite.

In fact, some preliminary work has to be done in the beginning. But the bottom line is that ELNs and repositories save an enormous amount of time.

Thumbnail for chemotion use-cases - NFDI4Chem

Don’t you think? Then just take a look at our three videos on various typical use cases in everyday lab work.

Use Case 1:
Easy use of Chemotion ELN
to store and publish via Chemotion Repo

Use Case 2:
Easy store all your data in another repo like RADAR4Chem

Use Case 3:
Tidy up a data mess from your predecessor

We hope these few minutes have shown you how helpful ELNs and repositories are in practice and how much time they save.

Chemotion and RADAR4Chem are exemplary here. If you are interested in ELNs in more detail, you will find a comprehensive article in our Knowlegde base. And we have compiled an overview page on repositories for you.


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