Ontologies4Chem Workshop

September 7 & 8, 2022, 14.00 – 18.00 CEST, Online

Ontologies are a cornerstone of FAIR machine-readable data. They provide terms, relations and logic to semantically annotate and link research data building knowledge graphs. Integrating ontologies into electronic lab notebooks, data repositories and software tools enables users to create rich annotated data from the very beginning. In the past, several ontologies with relation to the chemistry domain have been developed. In Task Area 6 Synergies we evaluate the application of these ontologies for research data management, identify gaps and initiate the development of missing ontologies.

To our first Ontologies4Chem Workshop we invite ontology curators, ontology engineers, software and data repository developers and domain experts currently applying ontologies or with an interest to do so in the future.

Aims of the workshop are:

  • Deepen and/or establish collaboration between ontology curators and NFDI4Chem + other NFDI consortia related to chemistry
  • Develop joint strategies: ontologies for research data management and beyond
  • Application of ontologies in research data annotations
  • Inspire service developers and data repository developers to use ontologies
  • Inspire chemists to use ontologies
  • Work concretely on ontologies

The first day will offer flash talks about current and future developments on ontologies and ontology tools. The second day will be all about best practice and two hands-on sessions on ontology curation and data annotation using ontologies.

Registration is open now.